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I’m rooting for the Jets today

Yeah, you read that headline correctly. Hell has not frozen over, although I do feel a slight chill right now. I am rooting for the Jets today despite the fact that a win means a Super Bowl berth for my most hated team. It means some fist-pumping from Mark Sanchez and another week of listening to Rex Ryan. But I am rooting for the Jets today and you should, too. For a Jets’ victory over the Indianapolis Colts today will mean that resting your players will bite you in the ass. Roger Goodell couldn’t have asked for a better method of discouraging top seeded teams from doing so.

The Jets were cooked in Week 16. Hanging on to playoff hopes by a thin and shredded thread, they went into the third quarter with little more than a prayer. Indianapolis Head Coach Jim Caldwell answered those prayers and pulled many of his starters from the game. Under-prepared and overwhelmed, the Colts back-ups folded under a determined and inspired Jets team. The Jets’ playoff hopes were kept alive. 30-something days later, the story is vastly different.

Can the Jets do it? In my opinion, sure! Far stranger things have happened in the NFL. *cough 42 cough* I think the Jets match up very well with the Colts.

Besides, (whoever wins tonight) if either the Saints or the Vikings play the Super Bowl the way they played last week, it won’t matter who the hell wins the AFC. Those two teams look sharp!