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I need some sleep

I’m not gonna lie… today sucked ass. I had a feeling it would regardless of last night’s outcome. Only, if the Patriots had won, I’d be too happy to care. All told, I got three hours of sleep and awoke screaming thanks to a nightmare I had that a giant muddy tsunami was crashing into my office building, drowning everyone and I was next. I thought to myself, “I’ll just swim to the top!” but then I noticed people sinking to the bottom because the water was so high, the weight of it all made swimming to the top impossible. That was some scary shit. I haven’t had a dream that scary since the time I dreamed my house was haunted and zombies a la Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video were chasing me. But that’s another story.

Like I said, I was awake at the butt-crack of dawn and I couldn’t watch TV because all they were talking about was the Pats and I couldn’t even come close to the internet because, you guessed it, nothing but the Pats.

So, I ended up at work at 6:30 a.m. and I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty fucking miserable. To ensure that I didn’t take out my bad mood on any of my wonderful co-workers, I printed up a quickie sign to keep the chit-chatters at bay:

Leave me alone

My awesome co-workers left me alone which gave me a lot of time to think. My office mate got me a Sweet cupcake, too. (She rules!) AND, since I had to steer clear of the internet, I actually got some work done (kidding, kidding).

Seriously though, all that time to think, I had nothing to do but think about last night’s game. And the more I thought, the more my brain hurt the more I realized last night’s game wasn’t horrible.

And you know what else? I don’t question Coach Belichick’s decision to go for it on fourth down from deep in their own end. Yeah, I said it. And if the play had been successful (in my opinion – which means absolutely nothing – it was a first down), Belichick would be praised by most of the people criticizing him today. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

And if we’re going to play the “what ifs” game, what if that completely bogus pass interference call on the Colts’ penultimate drive hadn’t been called? And what if Maroney hadn’t fumbled in the end zone? And what if the Patriots hadn’t had to kick a field goal on their second scoring drive and got a TD instead? What if, what if, what if…

All that profound thought made me realize that all these folks talking about last night being the worst night EVAH in the history Boston sports need to either a.) get their asses off the bandwagon because Super Bowl 42 was WAY worse and b.) learn a thing or two about Boston sports history because this wasn’t even close. I would even put the Week Two loss to the Jets ahead of this one. Yeah, I said it.

So, in other words, everyone can shut the fuck up.

Patriots vs. Colts, 2009 Edition

Since the Colts moved out of the AFC East in 2002 (?), have you noticed the Patriots still seem to play them every single frickin year? 2009 is no different and I can guarantee NBC is psyched… no… thrilled… no… drooling with delight that Tom Brady is back this year and they are able to reap the benefits of a Manning vs. Brady match-up just in time for November Sweeps. And it’s especially important because, outside of football and “The Office,” I can’t think of ANYTHING worth watching on NBC.

My biggest complaint is that the game is on at 8:20. On a normal Sunday, I’m struggling to stay awake until halftime of the primetime game. Tonight, I’m going to be forced to go to bed much later and don’t even get me started on how badly tomorrow is going to suck (ESPECIALLY if the Patriots don’t win).

Ain’t so bad

There are Patriots losses that make me sick to my stomach (Super Bowl 42), that sit with me for days on end. Then, there are losses that make me angry, games that I badly wanted the Patriots to win (San Diego). THEN, there are losses like last night’s against the Colts, and in any other season I would have been literally dying, but it just doesn’t feel so bad. It’s a “Glass-Half-Full” loss, I guess.

Before you jump down my throat ranting and raving on what could have been, let me explain. You see, last night, I saw improvement – Real, Solid improvement – from Matt Cassel. I saw a rookie running back (Green-Ellis… “Law Firm” – I love it!) do something that I haven’t seen in three years of Laurence Maroney. I witnessed a secondary, minus its veteran leadership (Harrison) and full of rookies and cast-offs contain one of the NFL’s most prolific passing attacks.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted a win and I think if you remove a few key moments *looks at Dave Thomas and Jabar Gaffney* in the game the Patriots would have won. But (here’s where the glass-half-full thing comes in), this wasn’t a must-win game. It was a “should-win” game. Next week against the Buffalo Bills is must win and judging by what I saw yesterday, I’m confident that the Pats will leave with a win.

A taste of old with something new

This gave me a chuckle…

Anyone who has desperately wanted a ticket to Fenway Park badly enough to buy the “obstructed view” seats will understand this joyless reality…

The Indianapolis Colts’ new stadium has obstructed view seats. Nice.

I thought that since Fenway Park was built in the early 1910s, obstructed view seats were an annoying, but inescapable reality to large-scale construction. I’m no architect or anything, but I thought advancements in construction made majorly “obstructed views” a thing of the past. Guess not!

Either way, Gillette Stadium is still better. 😛

Chargers-Colts: the aftermath

Quote of the day, in regards to Adam Vinatieri’s missed field goal in last night’s Indianapolis loss to the San Diego Chargers:

“Even as a Colt, Adam Vinatieri is still helping the Patriots secure homefield advantage in the playoffs.”

And don’t ask me where that came from… I read it somewhere at 6 o’clock this morning before my coffee was brewed. All I can say is, I wish I thought of that first.

I’m not going to sit here like a smug jerk that gloats after a Patriots’ rival experiences a tough loss (unless it’s the Jets). Sure, I enjoyed last night’s game but to be completely honest, I don’t like either team. Actually, I’m going to go out on a limb here… there’s a big difference between my dislike of the Colts and my dislike of the Chargers. Let me explain…

This is sort of like New England heresy, but as a team I don’t hate the Colts. In fact, I kind of like the Colts (besides Bill “Turd” Polian). As a football fan, I’ve enjoyed watching the explosive Colts offense in recent years. I’ve always liked Tony Dungy, even back in his Tampa Bay days. Dare I say, I even rooted for them in the Super Bowl – a little bit. 😉 If anything, what I do hate about the Colts isn’t even really their fault, it’s the media’s portrayal of the Colts and it’s been that way for years. I hated being subjected to, “there’s no way the Patriots beat the Colts,” talk during our Super Bowl years. It pissed me off that Tom Brady never got any respect (until now of course). It’s the Gregg Easterbrooks of the world making up this “Good vs. Evil” crap that I hate.

LT crybaby

On the other hand, the Chargers as a team – I don’t like. I didn’t think L.T. was ever going to shut up about last year’s playoffs. Philip Rivers may see Ellis Hobbs as the “sorriest corner in the league,” but if he really wants to look at sorry, he should probably start looking in the mirror after the kind of play he’s been exhibiting in recent weeks. What’s even more moronic is what the team did to Marty Schottenheimer, firing him after a 14-2, top-seed season, and not only firing him but waiting until after most of the top coaching prospects had already signed with new teams!

I will even go as far as saying the Week 2 victory over the Chargers gave me more joy than last week’ victory over the Colts.

So, aside from the obvious bolstering of the Patriots home field advantage possibility throughout the playoffs, I really didn’t care much about who won or lost last night.

I think the Colts and their fans are getting a harsh taste of what it’s been like to be a Patriots fan these last few years. Brady won’t admit he had inferior talent but he brought his team to the AFC Championship last year with a cast-off from Houston, an overachieving 35-year-old, and an at-best third or fourth receiver from San Diego. And Brady almost pulled it off. How many times did a crucial player for the Patriots fall only to have some “who dat” fill his shoes? In the days when Dan Koppen had to fill in for Damien Woody and Asante Samuel had to fill in for Ty Law, they were “who dats”.

My dad and I would always say, “you’re only as good as your depth.” Here’s another favorite football cliche, “Win with what you got.” And my absolute favorite line in regards to the Colts apologists, the Patriots won a Super Bowl with their backup quarterback. 😀