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And the Colts game MVP is…

Colts MVP

That was the worst game of officiating I have ever seen in my life. But, whatever. That game wouldn’t have even been close if it weren’t for the atrociously, ridiculously, horrendously, grossly, remarkably bad officiating. That Randy Moss offensive pass interference?! I mean, hell, even the Colts DB was throwing his fist thinking he just got flagged.

But, Like my dad always says, “It’s not the game that’s enjoyable. It’s the victory celebration after.” I’ve had to fight off the urge to puke for about six minutes but it’s not bad. I liken it to tears of joy – this would be victory vomit. Good thing I didn’t have a halftime snack or else this could get ugly.

I was surprised/impressed with the Colts defense. I had underestimated them and they had a great game. Dwight Freeney is one fast mofo. I guess that’s why he makes the big bucks. Joseph Addai had a field day running through our defense and that famous Colts offensive line lived up to its billing.

The only thing that sucks right now is I’m going to have to wait for TWO WEEKS until another Patriots game. *sigh*

Final thoughts: Patriots-Colts coverage

Believe it or not, I’m as sick of hearing about the Patriots-Colts game as you are. The “Good vs. Evil” crap is bound to give me an aneurysm if it goes on much longer and it seems the discussions on the topic are getting increasingly lame.

I think Colts fans would be seething if they were listening to WEEI this week. I don’t know if anyone else heard the Big Show’s segment on how two particular Colts’ fans were preparing for tomorrow’s game (loaded gun rack, new copies of ‘Incest Weekly’). Even my boyfriend said, “Oh shit!”

Dale and Holley ripped a Colts fan a new one yesterday when the caller insisted that the Colts would win because Rodney Harrison has been completely ineffective against the Colts offense in last year’s two meetings and he expected the same tomorrow. Yeah, I laughed too.

I also think “contrarian” is the word of the week after reading it a trillion times in all the Pats-Colts articles. Dungy is a contrarian, Belichick is a contrarian, I am a contrarian, you are a contrarian, we’re all contrarians. To me, it sounds like some alien species from Star Trek.

Data: Captain, we’re being hailed by the Contrarians.

Captain Picard: On screen.

Worf: Captain, do you want me to arm the photon torpedoes?

Anyway, as for my prediction… I’m going with Patriots 38, Colts 28. All other factors aside, using the Cowboys contest as a litmus test, I find it hard to imagine the Colts defense slowing the Patriots to a halt. I think the Patriots are playing just a little bit better right now. The only thing I am certain of is after tomorrow (maybe Monday), we won’t have to hear about Patriots-Colts for a long time.

Go Evil! 👿

Pats v. Colts – aftermath

Remember when I mentioned how wonderful life was the day after a Patriots victory? Well, when they lose, on the other hand, the world seems gray and dreary as I wait for the fiery gates of Hell to rise up and swallow me whole.

That was a stinker… a stinky stinker… a PRIMETIME stinker. Five turnovers?! What are we, the Steelers? Yikes. And that game plan… ugh… what’s with the razzle-dazzle shit? We’re playing an Indy defense, not Chicago or Baltimore. What happened to exploiting the weaknesses?

Not all hope is lost… when you think about it… really think about it… despite all their errors, turnovers, dropped passes, failed coverages, they only trailed by a touchdown in the remaining minutes of the game. The Colts played a great game, we played badly and yet we still had a chance to win. The Colts are beatable, just not when you are laying an egg against them. Just a thought… but when Adam Vinatieri missed those field goals, didn’t you feel, maybe just a little bit, that he did it on purpose, just for us? Maybe just a little?

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