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Not kewl

Tom Brady lost a regular season game today. The last time he lost a regular season game was December 10, 2006. Wow. Things could be worse… the Detroit Lions haven’t won a game since December 23, 2006. WOW!

We have been spoiled rotten when it comes to Patriots’ victories. And when a loss comes – especially in a game that we wanted so badly – it hurts worse than your average team’s run-of-the-mill loss.

I think today’s loss to the Jets hit my dad much harder than me. I’m pretty cool with it, to be honest. And I think I should avoid any taunting from my office’s resident Bills fan because I made sure not to taunt last week. Of course, if he does taunt, then he’s just an asshole and bad karma will fall him. But I think that’s unlikely.

The Patriots downfall today? Not being able to capitalize on all their scoring opportunities in the first half. With the game still in their grasp, the Jets were able to come out into the second half and chill. It doesn’t help that the Patriots seem to be missing a true leader on defense. It was almost a given the Jerod Mayo was taking over the role but with him out, who will step in? I’d expect a little more out of Adalius Thomas and Ty Warren. C’mon guys. Lead!

Overall, I think a humbling loss like this one might prove beneficial. Maybe. 🙂

We’re like Jehovah’s Witnesses except our religion is cool

Janine and Dad

My dad and I have been in the process of converting my little sister into a psycho-Patriots fanatic like us for a few years now and I think our evil plot is beginning to stick. Little Sis now comes over every Sunday to watch the games. Of course, she has her Sidekick glued to her hand for most of the game but progress is progress.

We began this arduous conversion a few years back during the Super Bowl years when my dad had me take the youngin’ to a Deion Branch autograph signing. When a woman asked us who Deion Branch was, Little Sis replied, “YOU DON’T KNOW WHO DEION BRANCH IS?!” It was the most attitude I had ever seen out of the eight-year-old.

She now accompanies us to all Patriots Training Camps and she will also be with us when we FINALLY visit The Hall.

And best of all, now that she’s over on Sundays my dad has begun explaining the game of football to her. Why does a player run one way… why is that guy doing that… et cetera and so forth.

Hey, I was around her age when I started watching. Who knows, maybe she’ll even surpass me in complete New England Patriots Obsession or “NEPO” as I like to call it. 🙂

After watching yesterday’s Patriots-Raiders game, I have come to the conclusion that the entire Oakland squad has quit on the season and just wants to get it over with and fast.

The Patriots’ playoff chances would have gotten a lot better if only Buffalo didn’t blow chunks all over Giants Stadium. I understand the concept of “Playing to win” but with slightly more than a minute left and a running attack that had been successful all game… AND a goofy loser at QB, why on Earth would you attempt a pass?!?! Reminds me of that Patriots-Steelers game in the playoffs in 1997 when the Patriots fumbled and the Steelers eventually got the game-winning field goal. And I only remember that because my dad cried, literally cried, for like an hour after the loss.

So bad, I could almost taste vomit

There have been few Patriots games I have watched with my dad in which he becomes so enraged, he storms out of the room. This afternoon was one of them as the Patriots imploded against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

If you could find one positive in today’s putrid performance it’s that I will (hopefully) no longer have to listen to the “Trade Tom Brady” crap. Cassel looked terrible. I’m thinking next year he should seek out a team that plays in a dome because he looked absolutely miserable in the rain. He looked like he reverted as the game went on. He also wasn’t getting any help from Randy Moss and then when Wes Welker took a whopper hit and left the game I knew a comeback was pretty much impossible.

Kickoff/Punt coverage continued to suck but the defense played as I expected so I wasn’t too disappointed.

This one stung my dad much more than me. He left the room a few minutes into the third quarter. Matt Slater’s muffed punt sent him into hysterics and Cassel’s first fumble was more than he could handle. For the sake of our TV, I’m glad he left the room because he had already thrown everything soft within his vicinity at it. All that was left to throw was remote controls and ashtrays. When he came back long after the game was over, he couldn’t even handle my recount. When I told him Wes Welker left the game, he freaked out again and ran back into his room.

But hey, at least the Jets lost.

Ta-ta-ta-today, junior!

Yesterday must have been my lucky day. After letting the NFL’s top defensive free agent slip away, the Pats prevented the NFL’s top offensive free agent from being signed by Philly as well. As Mike Florio reported, the Eagles offered Randy Moss more but Randy was uneasy about leaving a place where he’s happy. And as a fan of the Patriots, I’m happy that he’s happy. I’m sure Tom Brady is happy, and I know my boyfriend’s 9-year-old son is happy since he just got a brand-spankin-new Randy Moss jersey for the Super Bowl. We’re all happy, happy, happy! And really, after the miserable month of February, it’s nice to have SOMETHING that doesn’t suck to read about.

Also, my dad does this REALLY FUNNY Randy Moss Touchdown celebration (which I was subjected to 23 times this year) and it would be a downright shame if I could only witness it for one season. In a shoddy attempt at videography, I was able to capture it once during the Indianapolis game and although it was too dark in my living room, you can still get the gist of it.

I think my dad has such a strong affinity for the receiver since he did accurately predict his arrival in September of 2006. 😀 You know he can’t ever let anyone forget about that.

So, as I sit here and raise my coffee mug, I’d like to toast Randy’s extended contract. To Randy!

Football is the only thing of importance in my life… how sad

My father was happier than could be at this morning’s Boston Herald Sport’s headline, Moss could grow on Pats. The article discusses the benefits Randy Moss would have on the Patriots should the team make a move today to bring him here. You might remember last month when my dad, the genius armchair-GM predicted a trade for Randy Moss. I have to admit, I was shocked when he first made this prediction, but to merely see others discussing the possibly blows my mind at my dad’s prophetic vision. And like I said in the past, my dad did accurately predict Corey Dillon coming to New England two years before it happened. Even if it doesn’t happen, my dad gets to gloat and brag for the day.

I think my Fantasy team was demolished last night, thanks in full to the “splendid” play of Rex Grossman, the QB I had to start in place of Peyton Manning. Gah… of course Grossman has worst game of the year during the one week I needed to start him.

Back to work.