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It feels like an eternity

It’s been a few months now since that fateful evening in February when my…. *gasp* …Patriots lost… *gulp* …the… *ugh* …Super… *vomit* …Bowl. BUT… in fewer than two weeks, my dad, sister, and I will be driving down to good ol’ Foxborough for the start of Patriots Training Camp! The season is so close, I can almost taste it! (And I do realize that wishing for football season is also wishing away the summer, but I do not care. Screw summer).

And, although that horrible Sunday night feels like just yesterday, so much has happened since:
* I learned to knit.
* The Boston Celtics won a World Championship.
* David Ortiz went on the D.L. ¹.
* Sister moved out.
* My office moved.
* I got a raise.
* Cigarettes went up a $1.50 (which could play a huge role in the season when it comes time for me to smoke my “defensive cigarettes ²”).
* Boyfriend got a new job.
* The New Kids on the Block reunited.

…I mean, this is like a whole different planet since Super Bowl 42! It’s like an alternate universe where I do something girly like knit while grooving to NKOTB.

I haven’t really thought about the Patriots too much in the last few months, partly because it was too painful, and because I knew it was like FOREVER until the season began again. But when WEEI announced yesterday that, in addition to Patriots Monday, they will now also be doing Patriots Friday, I could no longer keep my mind off my beloved Pats.

Now, if I can just wait patiently for two more weeks…

¹ “Disabled list,” not to be confused with “Down Low.”
² A “defensive cigarette” is a cigarette that I MUST smoke while the Patriots defense is on the field. This cigarette is crucial to the overall performance of the Patriots D. Think I’m full of it? Since I’ve been smoking my defensive cigarette, the Patriots have attended five Super Bowls, winning three of them.

Drawing comparisons

I’ve already discussed the fact that I’ve been watching some basketball lately but what I haven’t mentioned are some of the things I’ve noticed since rediscovering the sport.

For example, one thing that has stuck out in my mind while watching the Celtics is Kevin Garnett. KG. My eyes can’t really tell you what makes one a good basketball player. I mean, there’s the obvious things like can they shoot a basket (or efficiency from the field, or something like that) and when an opposing player can’t make his but when I watch Kevin Garnett’s outstretched arms, basketballs making contact with his fingertips and being caught, the only thing that I can think of is wide receiver. Kevin Garnett would make one hell of a great wide receiver. It’s kind of like what it was like watching Randy Moss before he was a Patriot. “Man, I wish that guy was on my team.” Kevin Garnett with his height, his arms, and his fingertips would be the dream of any NFL quarterback, I think.

I’ve also noticed the lengths to which NBA players will go in an attempt to draw a foul. A slight nudge, albeit from a 7″ giant, will send a player flying backwards, rolling on the ground in “agony”. Now, I’m no player (obviously) but I’ve witnessed NFL players, mostly running backs, get CLOBBERED. Literally clobbered. And they hop right up and head back to the huddle. I guess the NBA player’s motivation is similar to when a punter will fall on the ground and roll around in hopes of drawing a flag. I’m not stupid you know, it’s just something I noticed.

I think what it really comes down to is I desperately miss football. How long until training camp again?