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At Last: Dallas Cowboys release Terrell Owens!

I’m still at work patiently (yeah right) waiting for my last newspaper to be sent to the printer and Fox Sports radio just announced that Terrell Owens has been released from the Dallas Cowboys. All I can say is, “FINALLY!” Of course, it’s after midnight so I can’t find any story of this huge NFL development online but Jay Glazer was just speaking on the radio discussing the release, and you know, if Jay Glazer says it, it’s pretty much a certain.

So where is T.O., a/k/a the “other 81,” going to go? If there are such things as Football Gods, he’d go nowhere. He’s locker room cancer. No, he’s locker room Ebola. He’s a drama queen, an attention whore, a complainer, a whiner…

Today is a glorious day for the Cowboys.

Too bad it’s quarter past midnight because I really wish I could call my dad and tell him this huge story!