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In addition to awesomeness, Tom Brady and I now have something else in common

Have you heard, Tom Brady doesn’t like the Jets. That doesn’t surprise me in the least, after the Rodney Harrison proclaimed last year on NBC how much New England hates the Jets. And it’s funny because there is nothing I hate more than a NY Jet.

But Tom Brady publicly admitting his disdain for the Jets also reminded me of this old gem that never really aired much:

Heh, never gets old.

I’m rooting for the Jets today

Yeah, you read that headline correctly. Hell has not frozen over, although I do feel a slight chill right now. I am rooting for the Jets today despite the fact that a win means a Super Bowl berth for my most hated team. It means some fist-pumping from Mark Sanchez and another week of listening to Rex Ryan. But I am rooting for the Jets today and you should, too. For a Jets’ victory over the Indianapolis Colts today will mean that resting your players will bite you in the ass. Roger Goodell couldn’t have asked for a better method of discouraging top seeded teams from doing so.

The Jets were cooked in Week 16. Hanging on to playoff hopes by a thin and shredded thread, they went into the third quarter with little more than a prayer. Indianapolis Head Coach Jim Caldwell answered those prayers and pulled many of his starters from the game. Under-prepared and overwhelmed, the Colts back-ups folded under a determined and inspired Jets team. The Jets’ playoff hopes were kept alive. 30-something days later, the story is vastly different.

Can the Jets do it? In my opinion, sure! Far stranger things have happened in the NFL. *cough 42 cough* I think the Jets match up very well with the Colts.

Besides, (whoever wins tonight) if either the Saints or the Vikings play the Super Bowl the way they played last week, it won’t matter who the hell wins the AFC. Those two teams look sharp!

Patriots-Jets rematch

Halfway through the third quarter of today’s Patriots-Jets game, my dad asked me, “Are you going to tell the internet how mad I am?”

Oh yeah, he was crazy pissed. I haven’t seen him that angry in a while and his rage wasn’t directed at the officials or the opposing team but at my beloved Patriots. In his eyes, he sees a defense in desperate need for guys like Jarvis Green to return from injury. This of course doesn’t apply toward the Patriots secondary, which he feels is the best the Pats have had since the 70s. Oh, and he thinks Vince Wilfork needs to “step the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care how big he is; he’s a football player! He shouldn’t be this winded!”

I, on the other hand, was too busy marveling at the wonders of Mark Sanchez. I assume Jets fans would have hoped he chose a quarterback like Brady or Peyton Manning to emulate, not Jake Delhomme.

Icing on the cake


Yesterday was pretty friggin awesome unless you’re a Tennessee Titans fan or a bona fide Patriots hater in which case yesterday sucked. A few things that were awesome about yesterday:

  • Scoring 59 points in the snow.
  • They finally won convincingly in their throwback uniforms. Last week especially, my dad was having horrid flashbacks of the Patriots of yore.
  • Laurence Maroney ran like he should. For the first time in a while, he wasn’t auditioning for “Dancing With the Stars”.
  • Sebastian Vollmer looked AWESOME.
  • The Jets lost to Buffalo and Harvard alum Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  • Oh, and Mark “San-chise” threw six interceptions. It’s not as easy when teams actually have film of you, is it Marky? Matt Ryan you are not.

This week is gonna be much better than last. 😀