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Beating L.A. never looked so good

These 9 p.m. Celtics-Lakers start times are killing me! I had to hurl myself out of bed this morning and my boyfriend – my poor sleep-deprived boyfriend – was a cranky nightmare. BUT every yawn, every watery eye, every cup of coffee is so worth it because watching Ray Allen & Co. stick it to the Lakers last night was truly STUNNING!


After the abysmal first quarter, I thought my boyfriend’s head was going to explode. I now know why he doesn’t regularly watch sports like I do – he gets too angry. We even switched it to something else for much of the second quarter but I insisted watching the second half and my boyfriend is glad we did.

Even my dad, Mr. “There’ll Never Be Another Larry Bird”, got into the game and came running into our room early in the fourth quarter to tell me that this current incarnation of the Celtics reminded him of the teams from his youth.

Now this might sound like Boston heresy but I almost (emphasis on “almost”) want the Celtics to lose Sunday night so that if they win this series, they can do it at home in the Garden. As awesome as it would be to see a bunch of phony celebrities wincing as they sit in their comped seats at the Staples Center, it would be so much better to see the Garden completely explode (figuratively, of course).

I’m a loud-mouthed, obnoxious fan

This whole Celtics-Lakers NBA Finals thingamajig is pretty cool. I mean, just as I am quickly approaching my 29th birthday (otherwise known as the last birthday I shall ever celebrate, ever), I was in search of a way to recapture my childhood. Ta da! Enter a new sports championship series featuring old rivals in which EVERYONE will be talking about the 80s.

Larry Bird is da man

But, it’s not just the retro Celtics talk that’s got me in a good mood today. Knowing that so much of the sports-loving country hates Boston with a passion, it’s fun to know that while yet ANOTHER one of our beloved teams is seeking a championship, countless fans around the nation are groaning.

And on a sort of related note regarding the Sports Illustrated link above (I’m a month late by the way), a person in the comments said he hates the Red Sox because all of its fans are of the bandwagon variety. Hello? 86 years, my deluded friend. “There’s always next year.” If you’re going to hate on something, at least give the accurate reasons why. Bozo.

Angela’s brief thoughts on Red Auerbach

Everyone, in these parts anyway, is now aware of the passing of Red Auerbach.

I’ve never been much of a basketball fan but growing up during the Larry Bird era, the Celtics were a big part of my childhood. To this day, I can still remember the Celtics’ starting five that my dad taught me when I was six (Larry Bird, Robert Parish, Danny Ainge, Dennis Johnson, and Kevin McHale).

I vaguely remember the first Celtics game I attended, at The Garden of course. I do, however, vividly remember how clearly you could see the players’ underpants through their white basketball shorts. I was a weird kid.

My only memories of Auerbach are of my dad discussing him and the Celtics. Red Auerbach is such an important part in Boston’s prolific sports history. He will be sorely missed.