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Matt Walsh is a douche, Part Deux

Thanks goodness it’s lunchtime and I have some time to process the “new” revelations after the Matt Walsh – Roger Goodell meeting.

What we’ve learned:

1. Matt Walsh didn’t tape the Rams’ SB walk-through, nor does he know of anyone taping. (Haters will say that someone did, just not Matt Walsh OR Roger Goodell is covering it up. Nothing short of Bill Belichick’s and the Patriots franchise’s expulsion from the league will placate these folks.)

2. Cheerleading routines are actually intricate methods by which to transmit defensive signals to players on field. Why else would Walsh tape them, right?

3. In addition to Matt Walsh’s duties as creating the week’s Game Plan (my God), he also served as a ticket-reseller for the players. Maybe I’m just too stupid to understand its relevance to Spygate.

You wanna know what I think? I think Matt Walsh and his legal team had hyped up what little info he did have so much that when it came time to speak, he had to come up with something, ANYTHING that would be of interest to the Commissioner.

You wanna know what else I think? I think this is the most overblown sports story EVER. As the Commissioner even said – advanced “scouting” is permissible. Although the tapes weren’t used in the same day, what isn’t is videotaping. Belichick didn’t misinterpret a rule, he looked for a loophole, just like any other successful businessman in the country. Belichick thought he had found one but WRONG and we all know that.

And I’m even going to make a bold assertion right now. I think Spygate, contrary to all the bullshit haters, is GOOD FOR THE LEAGUE. Why, you ask? You can talk about the integrity of the game, but no one will even consider that other teams are doing it, or anything illegal for that matter, thus integrity is preserved. Spygate gives NFL fans around the country a villain and, as evidenced by the record ratings for all Patriots games, people want to watch the villain because they want to watch the villain lose. It gives people a stronger sense of team pride for their own team.

Yep. I did just say that.

Matt Walsh has proven this is one big desperate cry for attention and I gotta hand it to him, he’s done well in screwing his old bosses. His February timing was impeccable. But, yeah, blah. I’m bored with the whole thing.

Overall, nothing changes. We could trot out tapes from 31 other teams but it doesn’t matter. All those who hate the Patriots will continue to do so. They will continue with their “cheating cheaters,” yadda yadda, and really who cares? I don’t give a crap if you like my favorite team or not. Likewise, you don’t give a crap if I like your team.

Now that I’ve wasted all afternoon focusing my energy on this whole Roger Goodell press conference, I might as well start some work.