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Happy New England Patriots Day

After what feels like a bajillion years, the Patriots return tonight to face Trent Edwards and the Buffalo Bills. I can hardly contain my excitement! I plan on wearing my new Jerod Mayo t-shirt and jeans to work today and I especially look forward to casting some icy glares at the sole Bills fan on my floor. It’s all in good fun.

Since the Patriots weren’t on yesterday, I spent the afternoon switching back and forth from Houston laying an egg against the Jets to Grandpa Moses defeat the Mangini-led Browns. I thought my computer began malfunctioning when I had NFL’s Gamecenter set to the Eagles-Panthers game and every five minutes it began flashing, “INTERCEPTION”. No worries, though, when I noticed that Jake Delhomme picked up right where he left off and turned the ball over five times. My favorite quote of the day: Apparently, Delhomme is French for “Turnover”.

The only thing worse than Jake Delhomme was the major ass-kicking I got in my fantasy league. I place full blame for my impending loss on Anthony Gonzalez and his wonky knee. That’s what I get for drafting a Colt. Although, that may have, in part, helped me stay in the game because my opponent’s starting QB was Peyton Manning and he wasn’t that statistically stellar yesterday either. My only hope is that my QB, San Diego’s Phillip Rivers, doesn’t suck tonight. It’s a big hope, I know, but I’m assuming that San Diego’s opponent Oakland will suck much worse.

But, happily, I was psyched to see ESPN Boston launch this morning and only because my favorite football writer EVER, Mike Reiss, has moved in and is already writing. I forgot to mention that when we went to Patriots Training Camp in July, Mike Reiss was right behind us and unlike the other writers who sat in their shaded tent thingamajig, Mike sat in the grass just like all us nobodys. That was, of course, when he wasn’t chatting with all the fans. Mike Reiss rules! I’m thrilled that he won’t be leaving the Patriots anytime soon. It’s refreshing to read a football writer who is more concerned with X’s and O’s than drama.

Well, off to work for me!