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Jerod Mayo and other musings

I can’t tell you diddely-squat about Jerod Mayo, the linebacker selected by the Patriots at #10 yesterday, but I do know that if Belly likes him enough to draft him, then he must be A-OK. I’m a little surprised by the Round 3 selection of some QB kid, but again, I don’t know anything about him, even his name escapes me at the moment. At least today marks the first time I can actively look at Patriots-related stuff since you-know-what.

Also today, my boyfriend’s kid has his first little league game of the season.

Not really in the mood to drive to all the way to Woburn to sit in drizzle and have a bunch of old soccer moms (in this case, baseball) give me dirty looks for two hours but whatever. Boyfriend needs a ride up there and since I love him to bits, I’m happy to oblige.