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NFL rules


What a glorious day I had today. I took the day off, and of course, the Saints defeated the Colts last night in epic fashion.

I’m not one to brag, but last night I told my dad that the Saints were going to defeat the Colts. He said he hoped I was right but he thought there was no way the Colts would lose. No way. And for the second time in the last ten years, I was right and he was wrong.

The first time, of course, was in Super Bowl 37 when he thought Rich Gannon and the Raiders would easily crush the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hello, their QB was Brad Johnson, for crying out loud! I, on the other hand, thought that Raiders’ coach Bill Callahan was merely running a team off of what now-Bucs coach Jon Gruden had created. There’s no way the Bucs would lose. Bucs Safety John Lynch summed it up perfectly halfway through what ended up to be a blowout: “They’re doing everything exactly like Coach said they would!”

I was right and he was wrong.

2 points Angela, 0 points Dad.

Drew BreesBut, last night’s game was amazing. And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, could Drew Brees be any more likeable? Geez, does that guy make me happy. I’ve always liked Drew Brees anyway, since his Chargers days and he single-handedly saved my fantasy football season when I accidentally missed the draft and was able to pick him up from the reject pool.

And Sean Payton, what a friggin game he called. I screamed when the Saints pulled that surprise onside kick. I squealed like a pig in shit. That’s how you fucking win a Super Bowl, dudes. There is no tomorrow. You pull out all the stops. It was a far cry from the pussyfooted crap the Colts pulled out of their “masterminds”. But then again, the Colts played like pussies all year long. Arrogant conservativeness. You have to go balls to the wall. Just ask the Philadelphia Eagles, who you might remember played the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 39 as if it was the first.

I don’t think I’ve cheered so hard in a non-Patriots game. My heart pounded as I sat on the edge of my seat. You can have your “pastime” status, baseball, but the NFL IS America’s Game.

Congratulations, Saints fans. You never forget your first.

Today is Super!

This morning, my dad imparted some of his wisdom on me regarding this year’s Super Bowl. “It’s impossible to enjoy a Super Bowl after your team wins a few,” he said. He added, “I used to always enjoy the Super Bowl, no matter who was in it. Not anymore.” So true, pops.

In general, Super Bowls just don’t feel like they used to. For one, the commercials aren’t that good anymore. My dad thinks good Super Bowl commercials died with the attempted assassination of the Budweiser Frogs. Which reminds me, I forgot how totally awesome Terry Tate, Office Linebacker is:

Secondly, the halftime shows have sucked for years. Were they ever good? Does anyone even watch them? They’re too long. I’d much rather the regular 15 minute halftime and save the concert crap for the MTV Video awards or something.

At least this year has a compelling match-up… Peyton vs. Drew. I’m sure it goes without saying but in our house, we’re all about the Black & Gold tonight; the “Who Dat” crew, if you will. You can imagine the frustration I had in trying to explain “who dat” to my dad. He still doesn’t get it. I don’t really either, for that matter.

My boyfriend summed it up perfectly when he gave me his five reasons for why he wants the Saints to win tonight:
“1. I hate Peyton Manning.
2. I hate Peyton Manning.
3. I hate Peyton Manning.
4. The Saints have never even been to the Super Bowl before so that’s cool.
5. I hate Peyton Manning.”

My only hope is that it’s an entertaining game.

I’m rooting for the Jets today

Yeah, you read that headline correctly. Hell has not frozen over, although I do feel a slight chill right now. I am rooting for the Jets today despite the fact that a win means a Super Bowl berth for my most hated team. It means some fist-pumping from Mark Sanchez and another week of listening to Rex Ryan. But I am rooting for the Jets today and you should, too. For a Jets’ victory over the Indianapolis Colts today will mean that resting your players will bite you in the ass. Roger Goodell couldn’t have asked for a better method of discouraging top seeded teams from doing so.

The Jets were cooked in Week 16. Hanging on to playoff hopes by a thin and shredded thread, they went into the third quarter with little more than a prayer. Indianapolis Head Coach Jim Caldwell answered those prayers and pulled many of his starters from the game. Under-prepared and overwhelmed, the Colts back-ups folded under a determined and inspired Jets team. The Jets’ playoff hopes were kept alive. 30-something days later, the story is vastly different.

Can the Jets do it? In my opinion, sure! Far stranger things have happened in the NFL. *cough 42 cough* I think the Jets match up very well with the Colts.

Besides, (whoever wins tonight) if either the Saints or the Vikings play the Super Bowl the way they played last week, it won’t matter who the hell wins the AFC. Those two teams look sharp!

Not kewl

Tom Brady lost a regular season game today. The last time he lost a regular season game was December 10, 2006. Wow. Things could be worse… the Detroit Lions haven’t won a game since December 23, 2006. WOW!

We have been spoiled rotten when it comes to Patriots’ victories. And when a loss comes – especially in a game that we wanted so badly – it hurts worse than your average team’s run-of-the-mill loss.

I think today’s loss to the Jets hit my dad much harder than me. I’m pretty cool with it, to be honest. And I think I should avoid any taunting from my office’s resident Bills fan because I made sure not to taunt last week. Of course, if he does taunt, then he’s just an asshole and bad karma will fall him. But I think that’s unlikely.

The Patriots downfall today? Not being able to capitalize on all their scoring opportunities in the first half. With the game still in their grasp, the Jets were able to come out into the second half and chill. It doesn’t help that the Patriots seem to be missing a true leader on defense. It was almost a given the Jerod Mayo was taking over the role but with him out, who will step in? I’d expect a little more out of Adalius Thomas and Ty Warren. C’mon guys. Lead!

Overall, I think a humbling loss like this one might prove beneficial. Maybe. 🙂

Happy New England Patriots Day

After what feels like a bajillion years, the Patriots return tonight to face Trent Edwards and the Buffalo Bills. I can hardly contain my excitement! I plan on wearing my new Jerod Mayo t-shirt and jeans to work today and I especially look forward to casting some icy glares at the sole Bills fan on my floor. It’s all in good fun.

Since the Patriots weren’t on yesterday, I spent the afternoon switching back and forth from Houston laying an egg against the Jets to Grandpa Moses defeat the Mangini-led Browns. I thought my computer began malfunctioning when I had NFL’s Gamecenter set to the Eagles-Panthers game and every five minutes it began flashing, “INTERCEPTION”. No worries, though, when I noticed that Jake Delhomme picked up right where he left off and turned the ball over five times. My favorite quote of the day: Apparently, Delhomme is French for “Turnover”.

The only thing worse than Jake Delhomme was the major ass-kicking I got in my fantasy league. I place full blame for my impending loss on Anthony Gonzalez and his wonky knee. That’s what I get for drafting a Colt. Although, that may have, in part, helped me stay in the game because my opponent’s starting QB was Peyton Manning and he wasn’t that statistically stellar yesterday either. My only hope is that my QB, San Diego’s Phillip Rivers, doesn’t suck tonight. It’s a big hope, I know, but I’m assuming that San Diego’s opponent Oakland will suck much worse.

But, happily, I was psyched to see ESPN Boston launch this morning and only because my favorite football writer EVER, Mike Reiss, has moved in and is already writing. I forgot to mention that when we went to Patriots Training Camp in July, Mike Reiss was right behind us and unlike the other writers who sat in their shaded tent thingamajig, Mike sat in the grass just like all us nobodys. That was, of course, when he wasn’t chatting with all the fans. Mike Reiss rules! I’m thrilled that he won’t be leaving the Patriots anytime soon. It’s refreshing to read a football writer who is more concerned with X’s and O’s than drama.

Well, off to work for me!