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Getting caught up

I’ve been so wrapped up in the completion of my semester and the ever-pressing holiday nightmare at work I forgot to bitch and complain about the Patriots becoming the latest victims of Roger Goodell’s crazy international experiment! Sorry, what has it been, like two weeks since this was announced?

So next season, the Patriots will be forced to fly to London to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Which, come to think of it, isn’t as bad as the two two-week west coast trips the NFL handed us this year. It’s also a lot better than the threatened China preseason game the Patriots were supposed to play a couple years back. I guess it’s also not so bad since it’s Tampa Bay that’s losing a home game, not the Patriots.

I did get a chuckle knowing that the Patriots, who derived their moniker from a historical group which was united for the sole purpose of kicking England’s ass, will now be playing in London. I’m sure Sam Adams and John Hancock would be so proud. *tear*

Sunday’s Patriots victory against Seattle proved costly once again as Vince Wilfork was secretly scuttled off the field with a shoulder injury. It’s as if the oh-mighty Football Gods are looking at a Patriots roster and knocking off guys one-by-one based on importance to the team. Brady, Harrison, Thomas, Maroney, Warren… now possibly Wilfork, Bruschi, and Sanders?! No wonder Seattle gave us a run for our money.

Now, it’s time for my daily hysterical-crying-drive to work.