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God (or in this case, NFL Schedulers) hates me

When I registered for classes in June, my top concern was to schedule them around my work schedule as much as possible. So you can imagine why I figured a class on Thursday night would be perfect. I mean, I have Thursday off from work and theoretically I can sleep in and be refreshed for class by 7 p.m.

Then, a few weeks ago when NFL Network began advertising its Thursday Night Football games, a tiny tinge of fear popped into my head. Could the Patriots be playing on a Thursday night when I’m still in class? Nah, it won’t happen, I thought. I even checked the schedule and noticed the start times but figured 8:15 p.m. was a Sunday.

Horror struck when I got home from class Thursday night (at 10:30), turned on the Browns-Broncos game and heard Cris Collinsworth mention something about seeing Belichick next week. What does he mean?! A quick trip to NFL.com confirmed my fears. The Patriots play the Jets next Thursday night and wouldn’t you know it, I have an exam in said Thursday night class!!!!!


Don’t get me wrong, I love Thursday Night Football. Just not when my team plays it. The Sunday schedule is one of the best things about being a football fan… unlike other sports that play almost all week long, I know that, for the most part, every Patriots game is on a Sunday. It’s easy to say I can’t work Sundays… I usually just say it conflicts with my religious beliefs. They don’t have to know that it’s the NFL I worship. Also, my family knows that if they schedule an event for a Sunday, their odds of seeing me show up are slim.

I don’t have much in my life… a crappy job, crappy car, crappy apartment, crappy cellphone.. crappy [insert whatever here]… which makes one of the few things I enjoy (Patriots games) so important. And I only get 16 (well, usually more but that’s not a given) per year.

And I don’t miss Patriots games often. I can tell you which games I have missed in the last ten years…. Pats-Browns in 2000, Pats-Chargers in 2002, and Pats-Titans in 2003. THAT’S IT! And I’m not allowing Pats-Jets to join this list!

After I totally freaked out about the thought of missing any of next week’s Patriots-Bills game, I came up with a plan. Since it’s a three-hour class we are usually given exams right away and lecture after. So, here’s my plan… I’ll take the test then leave. She gives us until 8:30 to take the test and if you finish early, you can do whatever you want. I usually finish her exams by 8. So, I’ve rationalized, I will take the test, leave and hopefully get home by 8:15, and miss only a half class.

Life is all about prioritizing.