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Monday Morning Nose Tackle: Begging for mercy

I want to preface this by saying I do like Matt Cassel. I think he’s a nice guy, good-looking and I want him to do well. I want him to have the ability to flip off everyone for doubting him, to live the quintessential backup quarterback dream. That ain’t happening, not now, not ever.

I’ve tried to be patient. I’ve told myself over and over, “He’ll get better. He just needs time. He’ll get better. He just needs time.”

We’re five weeks into the season and there is no improvement. He looks just as confused as Week One. Shots of him behind center look like a deer in headlights. His passes are off target, sometimes by miles and he second-guesses almost every throw that isn’t a screen. I noticed a few instances last night when Randy Moss easily beat the defender and had to slow to return to the pass. Randy, Wes, and Jabar are wide receivers, not miracle workers (RB Kevin Faulk might be the closest to it).

I’ll even credit Cassel with a beautiful play-fake that he squandered by not getting rid of it. As my dad said, “It was so good, he fooled himself!”

I hate to be like one of those “BENCH THE QB!” people but… Bench the QB!

On another note, could the Chargers be any more dirty? For a team that bitches and moans about “class” and “dirty” I saw with my own eyes six incidents of dirt. (Example: a knee to Welker’s face early in the game.) And if that’s what I’m seeing, I can only imagine what really went on.

And I especially loved how the Chargers fans booed for a solid 20 minutes on a non-reversal call that would’ve given the PATRIOTS a first down. They all must have been surfing or doing whatever people who live in paradise do when a similar incident occurred in the Atlanta-Chicago game.

I just hope they can come up with something, anything because the playoffs are still within their grasp.