This morning as I turned on my car, I heard something I never in a million years thought I would hear blaring from my radio. That would be the sound of P!nk on 104.1. It’s official. WBCN is now dead (except for HD radio apparently but who the hell as HD radio?) And for folks like me who own pitiful excuses for MP3 players, and who are too poor/cheap to pay for satellite radio, the whole thing really friggin sucks because, once again, another option has been pulled.

AND NO, despite my love of sports, I probably won’t listen to the new Sports Hub talk radio station. Have you seen the joke of a line-up? This switch has been years in the making and this is the best they could come up with?

Whoever thought it would be desirable to pair Douchy McDoucherson (Michael Felger) with Jerkoff McFuckface (Tony Massarotti) in the afternoon deserves a boot in the ass. What are they going to title the show, “We Hate All Boston Sports and Their Fans Suck… Show”? (Yeah, Tony… I have not, and will not, forget your little rant about Boston fans after your colleague and your newspaper ran an unsubstantiated rumor as fact the day before the Super Bowl and you were somehow shocked and appalled that we were pissed).

And I’m supposed to turn away from my beloved Dale and Holley midday for Scott Zolak and Gary Tanqueray Tanguay!? Are ya kidding me?!

The only chance Sports Hub had of winning me over was the Morning Drive because, let’s face it, Dennis and Callahan are pompous windbags with sticks crammed up their butts, but once again, major FAIL… Toucher and Rich’s move from ‘BCN provides nothing new and for fuck’s sake, Toucher is a self-proclaimed Jets fan! I’m supposed to listen to a Goddamn Jets fan on a Boston sports talk station!? You’re telling me that on two Monday mornings this season, the day after the Patriots hand the Jets major asswhippings, of course, I’m going to throw on good ol’ Sports Hub and Fred Toucher is going to happily discuss the previous days glorious events? No fucking way.

What the folks at CBS Radio should have done was throw a boatload of cash at Fitzy and given him a show at some point in the day. That, I would listen to. Maybe they could convince Dennis Eckersley to take a time slot once Jerry Remy returns to the booth. The Barstoolsports guys would be pretty awesome, too. Something, anything than what they have now.

Sports Hub. Blah!

ADDENDUM: OH! And at night they’re going to broadcast a show by the guy who did Miami Dolphins post-games?! AND THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE PATRIOTS’ OFFICIAL NETWORK!? Oh my God, I just threw up a little in my mouth. Go to hell, CBS Radio.