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Not kewl

Tom Brady lost a regular season game today. The last time he lost a regular season game was December 10, 2006. Wow. Things could be worse… the Detroit Lions haven’t won a game since December 23, 2006. WOW!

We have been spoiled rotten when it comes to Patriots’ victories. And when a loss comes – especially in a game that we wanted so badly – it hurts worse than your average team’s run-of-the-mill loss.

I think today’s loss to the Jets hit my dad much harder than me. I’m pretty cool with it, to be honest. And I think I should avoid any taunting from my office’s resident Bills fan because I made sure not to taunt last week. Of course, if he does taunt, then he’s just an asshole and bad karma will fall him. But I think that’s unlikely.

The Patriots downfall today? Not being able to capitalize on all their scoring opportunities in the first half. With the game still in their grasp, the Jets were able to come out into the second half and chill. It doesn’t help that the Patriots seem to be missing a true leader on defense. It was almost a given the Jerod Mayo was taking over the role but with him out, who will step in? I’d expect a little more out of Adalius Thomas and Ty Warren. C’mon guys. Lead!

Overall, I think a humbling loss like this one might prove beneficial. Maybe. 🙂