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Angela reviews “The History of the New England Patriots” DVD

The History of the New England PatriotsWith yesterday being the worst Sunday of football season (no football), my dad and I decided to watch the thrilling epic, “History of the New England Patriots” DVD that I got him for Christmas.

It was good (and looooooooong) but I was a little disappointed that it skipped some important moments in Patriots history such as the severe injury to Darryl Stingley and the John Hannah/Leon Gray holdout. No mention of the Billy Sullivan-Howie Long brawl even though they did mention that particular game against the Raiders and you can be sure there was also no mention of the Lisa Olson case, but I didn’t think there would be anyway. Worst of all, it made Tony Eason out to be in the same class as Marino, Elway, and Kelly and the Sullivans to be the best owners EVAH.

And of course, the ending was a brutal, painful, cringe-inducing, scream-worthy reminder of last year’s you-know-what. As we neared the end, my dad and I knew what was coming.

Surprisingly, the video did include footage and discussion of what an A-hole Bill Parcells was/is – Miami Dolphins fans be warned!!! And there was ample footage of Steve Grogan’s penchant for the bootleg – Eat your heart out, Michael Vick – and my old buddy, Larry Garron!

Perhaps, my favorite moment of the DVD came during a montage of Andre Tippett’s tackles. One word can describe it… NASTY. You just don’t see tackles like that anymore in today’s NFL. Nowadays, it’s a hit-first type of tackle. It’s almost as if modern defenders don’t have arms. (I’m looking at you, Ryan Clark.)

Overall, the video is great for getting new fans up to speed on the team’s history and provides a chance to relive some of the greatest moments in the Belichick/Brady era. I wouldn’t recommend it for, say, a Colts fan, but that’s a given.