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Talk Like a Pirate Day Patriots-Dolphins preview

Ahoy, mateys! Yer fair wench Angela here on Talk like a Pirate Day!

Th’ Swashbucklin’ Matt Cassel and th’ great grand Patriots be battlin’ th’ scurvy dogs from thar Miami! Arr, ye scallywag Joey Porter be talkin’ ’bout stealin’ th’ booty from me matey Cassel. Cassel be no lily-livered swab! Shiver me timbers! Me thinks Matt Light and Logan Mankins be ready to make Porter walk th’ plank and say “Fair Winds!” Yo ho ho! Patriots be not afraid of ye sprogs from Miami! On Sunday, me ready to splice th’ mainbrace with me mug of grog! Arrrrr! Aye, Cap’n Belichick be no landlubber! He has his men shipshape for battle!

Me thinks o’ score be Patriots 24, Miami 6. And ye may lay to that! Arrrrrr!