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What the fucking fuck

Just when I get excited about the Patriots’ playoff chances, I wake up to learn Adalius Thomas broke his arm. Let’s see, the most important player on the defense (Harrison)… gone. The second most important player on the defense (Thomas)… gone. You’ve got to be kidding me!

I’ve jinxed you both with my stellar photography. And you, too. 🙁 I’m so sorry.

But the second story from yesterday’s Patriots-Bills game is the evolution of Matt Cassel. Matt, I’m so sorry for calling you, “teh suck,” and relentlessly chanting for Kevin O’Connell. Cassel has improved threefold since San Diego. It’s as if there was a moment a few weeks back when it just clicked. I’m becoming increasingly impressed with his improvement. He’s clearly no Tom Brady but, thankfully, he’s no Brooks Bollinger either.

And, I can’t think of anything more uplifting than the BenJarvus Green-Ellis story right now. With his mom in attendance, he had another CONSISTENT performance. I can’t predict the future but one thing’s for sure, he will NOT be going back to the practice squad.

Now that I have a concrete plan for sneaking out of class Thursday night, I can’t wait for the Patriots-Jets game. Go Pats!