So like I said, we went to The Hall at Patriot Place yesterday and despite the feeling that my sinuses were going to explode covering all the exhibits with a thick coating of booger, I had a ridiculously good time. It was more fun than the Pro Football Hall of Fame by the mere fact that it is devoted to my favorite team.

Kristina gets cozy with Tommy

My favorite exhibit had to be “Inside the Game” where a huddle of mannequins dressed as Patriots players discuss the next play. Oh, and you can pick up a coach’s phone and talk to the booth upstairs. The one part of this exhibit I clearly avoided was the Vince Wilfork weight thingamajig where you stand on a scale and based on your weight, Vince tells you what position you’d be perfect for. My sisters both came up as cheerleaders. And since the computerized Vince Wilfork has no concept of hurt feelings, I knew that I’d prefer to not be told that based on my weight, I’d be best suited for nose tackling or offensive lining. 😉

The wannabe Shrine
The powers that be get a Mega Fail on the “Ultimate Fan Room” exhibit which can’t hold a candle to our beloved Shrine with the sole exception being the funky $1500 recliners (Now that I am looking at it, my Shrine page is horribly out-of-date). Even our TV is better than the one showcased.

The Hall
And although it is difficult to improve upon near perfection, the one thing I would change in The Hall would be the actual Hall of Fame part. There wasn’t much of a dedication to the members of the Patriots Hall of Fame. There was a little touch computer screen telling the players’ bios, stats, and stuff but I think they could do more. You can’t do busts like the Hall of Fame in Canton but maybe statues or something. And expand it to more than just a little corner.

Lastly, we came upon the true realization of how deep the recession is when all four of us opted to NOT buy anything in the Pro Shop. Even my dad! If frivolous spenders like us are choosing to not spend money, then our economy is doomed!

Overall, The Hall is cheap ($10 each ticket), interesting, and surprisingly quiet (which is good!). It was well worth the trip and it is a MUST for Patriots fans.