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Better late than never, right?

I finally got around to uploading my Chronicle appearance. I hope they don’t mind. I chopped it up to include only my part, so excuse the icky editing.

My favorite part is the choice of music when panning across the “Shrine.” Pure genius. They did such a great job. Even months later, I’m still honored to have been chosen.

For the record, although he is very appreciative of their time and effort, my dad is convinced the appearance helped jinx the Super Bowl. We divulged secrets, he says. We brought outsiders in, he attests.

But the weirdest part of all is when we were filming in the living room, they asked us if we had any Patriots DVDs to pop on the TV. We put in the commemorative Super Bowl 36 DVD and as they were filming us watch TV, the infamous Justin Watson, “I like our chances,” scene popped on screen. “Number One offense in the league,” Watson shrieked. My dad and I shivered. It was almost like foreshadowing. My dad swears that was the moment he knew the Patriots weren’t going to win.

Without further ado…

Kickoff ’06

pat patriot I’m little more than three hours away from the start of my 12th season as a Patriots’ fan. I’m too excited to relax. My dad and I have spent the morning racing through the house, getting everything clean for the game. If cleanliness is next to godliness, we must be prepared to please the football gods. We’ve dusting off our jerseys (Bruschi for him, Harrison for me) and we have rehearsed our TD celebration dance. The only task that remains is the ceremonial lighting of the Shrine candles, which we won’t do until gametime. Laugh all you want, but these things are critical to a Patriots victory. Don’t believe me? Since perfecting our gametime routine, the Patriots have won four AFC titles, three Super Bowl Championships and countless playoff victories. It’s just a coincidence that this concedes with Bill Belichick’s tenure and Tom Brady’s presence. Seriously.

So, what am I expecting to see today? Hopefully, a lot of running from Laurence Maroney, a lot of passes to Ben Watson, and a lot of crying from J.P. Losman.

This is football season. Nothing else matters. Nothing. 😀