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Andre Tippett inducted into the Football Hall of Fame

Andre Tippett was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday and I really, really wanted to be there. I would have been there, too, if it hadn’t been for that little firing incident back in June that prompted me to spend my vacation money on school tuition. No matter, in 10 to 15 years, my dad and I expect to see a few Patriots enshrined… at the very least Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and Richard Seymour.

Back to Andre… when he played I was just a little kid, playing with Barbie Dolls and Legos instead of watching football. But, despite my lack of knowledge on anything regarding football, I knew certain players who were my dad’s favorites. Those players included Steve Grogan, Mosi Tatupu, Russ Francis, Steve Nelson, and, of course, Andre Tippett.

Watching Robert Kraft present Andre made me proud to be a Patriots fan. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that Kraft was just a hapless fan in those days. In fact, as my dad likes to point out, his season tickets at Schaeffer Stadium were much better than Kraft’s. No metal benches for my dad.

Now, I just have to plan another trip to the Hall.

Angela attends Patriots Training Camp

To say the least, today was AMAZING and totally worth the wait. I took 5 jillion pictures, got sharpie marks all over my arm thanks to some overzealous dude behind me, practically got sweated on by Adalius Thomas and Laurence Maroney, came within one foot of true genius and spent $200 in the Pro Shop.

You’ll have to visit Mike Reiss for a professional analysis of the camp, but I can mention that I saw Eric Alexander do some pretty extraordinary moves while stretching. Kelley Washington was having a blast with the crowd. Every time he raised his hand, people went nuts.

People also went nuts when the players started signing autographs. Grown adults pushing and shoving like children… no, not like children because the children there weren’t doing that crap… I guess it’s the punishment for getting there early and sitting right up front. The moment coaches started yelling, “Field Goal,” which I guess most people assumed meant the end of practice, these grown men started kicking me as I sat trying to get as close as possible. When I stood up, I was shoved against the ropes. Some guy literally used my shoulders as stabilization while he leaned as far forward as he could when Tom Brady walked past. I had stranger arms over both shoulders AND my head! Insanity!

But the best part of today was it got me back into a football state of mind. It’s been hard after you know what to even think about it but I’m ready. I’m really ready. Bring on the Chiefs!

ADDENDUM: I almost forgot to mention that Tedy Bruschi signed almost every autograph he could. I mean, seriously, the guy took forever to make it around the bleachers and to the end zone. And then when a horn sounded, he wanted to sign more but told us he couldn’t, but relented anyway and signed more. I hope he didn’t get in trouble with Belichick.

Football and stuff

Ah, what a day! Today, I don’t have to go to work until 11 a.m., giving me the morning to just relax. How weird, being able to have my coffee, watch the news, and be alone! I know if I lived by myself I’d die of loneliness but I’ll take mornings like this anyday.

MY Patriots beat their archrivals, the New York Jets, 24-17. I was remarkably surprised to see quarterback Tom Brady passing the ball because, according to most columnists and analysts, I thought the Patriots had traded away their only wide receiver, Deion Branch. Go figure. I was also surprised to see the Patriots defense play well because, according to most columnists and analysts, the Patriots traded away their only wide receiver, Deion Branch. Go figure, the Patriots can still win a game without him. I’m as shocked as you are, I’m sure.

I’ve become so addicted to the NFL that my boyfriend has become a football widower. I wish he’d watch the games with me but he looks at professional sports watching as a social affair – watching with the guys over a few beers. It’s weird that, despite being a girl obsessed with sports, I’ve found it difficult to find a MAN to share in my passion. Go figure. I’m beginning to question whether guys even like sports at all.

Branch is gone. Who cares?

So, as I’m sure everyone has heard, Deion is now a Seattle Seahawk. Despite our severely lacking depth at wide receiver, I really am NOT sorry to see him go. I’ve never been much of a Branch fan. I remember his first ever preseason game with the Patriots (Giants, August 02) and my dad kept commenting on him and all I could think was “meh”. His end zone antics border on cocky and the only reason he was awarded Super Bowl MVP was because 1.) They wouldn’t give it to Brady three times in a row and 2.) they will never award Rodney Harrison (the unofficial MVP) with something like this.

Like Mr. BW once said about the difference between the Branch hold out and the Seymour hold out from last year: Branch may be the best receiver the Patriots have, but unlike Seymour being the best at his position, Branch is average at best when compared to the rest of the NFL.

He held out of camp, breaking a contract the he had signed. He complained that the Pats wouldn’t compensate him for being one of the league’s best, then complained when the Pats wouldn’t accepted a trade worthy for an average 2nd rounder.

Although Matt Hassleback is a good QB, Branch is going to realize soon Tom Brady’s ability to make average receivers look like the are worth a million bucks, or $39 mil with a $13 mil bonus, to be specific.

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