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So bad, I could almost taste vomit

There have been few Patriots games I have watched with my dad in which he becomes so enraged, he storms out of the room. This afternoon was one of them as the Patriots imploded against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

If you could find one positive in today’s putrid performance it’s that I will (hopefully) no longer have to listen to the “Trade Tom Brady” crap. Cassel looked terrible. I’m thinking next year he should seek out a team that plays in a dome because he looked absolutely miserable in the rain. He looked like he reverted as the game went on. He also wasn’t getting any help from Randy Moss and then when Wes Welker took a whopper hit and left the game I knew a comeback was pretty much impossible.

Kickoff/Punt coverage continued to suck but the defense played as I expected so I wasn’t too disappointed.

This one stung my dad much more than me. He left the room a few minutes into the third quarter. Matt Slater’s muffed punt sent him into hysterics and Cassel’s first fumble was more than he could handle. For the sake of our TV, I’m glad he left the room because he had already thrown everything soft within his vicinity at it. All that was left to throw was remote controls and ashtrays. When he came back long after the game was over, he couldn’t even handle my recount. When I told him Wes Welker left the game, he freaked out again and ran back into his room.

But hey, at least the Jets lost.