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It’s OK to root for the Rays

Even though we didn’t achieve the desired result last night in Game 7 of the ALCS, this year’s defeat doesn’t sting like it had in years past *cough*2003*cough*. They fought hard with what they had and for that, I’m grateful. I’m not sure what would have put them over the edge but my dad is convinced. I’m not going to say his thoughts for fear of inciting a riot but all I’ll say is it starts with an “M” and rhymes with “Fanny.”

But now that it’s over, with the sound of cowbells still ringing in my ears, in a small way I am almost happy for the youngins in Tampa.

Why it’s OK to root for the Rays:
* It’s not like it’s been 86 years since we last won a championship.
* They are the anti-Yankees.
* It’s their first time.
* You have to admit, they are pretty talented.

That’s all I can think of. Either way… GO PATS!