The one thing I really hate about football is that the offseason is so incredibly long. Sure, it’s much easier when your favorite team plays until February almost every year (YAY! WOOHOO!), but that still leaves seven months of time to kill (please don’t even say anything about baseball zzZZzz).

So, I fill my offseason months on TV and tonight, after nearly two years, we’re getting back one of my favorites, “Game of Thrones.” I’ve been obsessed since Season One and now, we’re just minutes away from the final season premiere.

Without further ado, I present my bold predictions for the final season of GoT:

1. Besties Samwell Tarly and Bran “three-eyed Raven” Stark will figure out how to best the White Walkers in an absurdly obvious way.

2. Dany and Jon are not as bothered as we think about his actual genetic lineage.

3. Jon Snow will ride Rhaegal into battle.

4. Missendei and Grey Worm get married.

5. Sansa and Gendry get married. I know everyone thinks it’s going to be Arya, but I think they’re just friends. Arya’s more concerned with killing than marrying.

6. At least one beloved character is going to become a wight (undead).

7. Jamie Lannister kills Cersei.

8. The Hound overcomes his fear of fire.

Happy Season Eight!