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Things I’m excited about today

I’m excited that my birthday is Saturday and that I’ll be seeing the New Kids on the Block live for the first time ever!

I’m excited that it’s not going to rain for the next few days!

I’m excited that Julian Edelman’s documentary is premiering on Showtime soon.

I’m excited that the new season of Big Brother kicked off tonight! Live feeds open up tomorrow!!

Where does the time go?

I’m still here, folks. I’ve just been a busy girl. Specifically, I moved after 18 (yes, eighteen) years at my last place. Although it had been 18 years, moving sucks just as badly as I remembered. But the new apartment is so much better. It’s bigger, it’s brighter and the neighborhood is so peaceful. I can hear birds chirping every morning and there are constantly bunnies hopping around my back yard.

I’m extremely grateful that I “konmari-ed” most of my stuff a few months ago which made it a little bit easier but – from the very back of the shed, I found boxes that hadn’t been touched since I packed them up from my childhood bedroom more than 20 years ago. I got a little bit emotional because I thought most of that stuff was long gone.

In other news, I turn 40 years old one month from today (HOLY FUCKING SHIT) and I’ll be kicking my year off seeing the New Kids on the Block lives for the first time. Turning 40 years old while partying like I’m 12.

I’m also looking forward to another Bruins victory tonight in the Stanley Cup Finals. I want this Cup almost as badly as I want Super Bowl championships. Can you imagine Boston hosting its THIRD parade in nine months?! It would be a giant middle finger to the rest of the country… and I can’t wait for it! *fingers crossed*

Until then maybe we can have a picnic in Boston and wait..

Until next time…

Blog post titles are hard

It feels nice to finally have my website back. I don’t expect anyone to read it, but I don’t really care. I’ve had this thing for so long, I felt empty without it. This website is old enough for a driver’s license!!!

I also really missed having a place to air my grievances and log the minutiae of my life. Facebook is no place for that. In fact, I think quite a few of my Facebook “friends” could benefit from having their own blogs (and a grammar handbook, and a basic education, and a moral compass…), but I’ll save that rant for another day.

My life isn’t very exciting anymore (was it ever?!) but it’s good for me. I spend most of my time during the week commuting to work, complaining about my commute to work, and then commuting home from work. Boston traffic is a mofo. More on that later…

But on the weekends I get to spend time with my nephews, who are the lights of my life. I can’t wait for my visit all week and then when I have to go home, I miss them so deeply, it hurts. I guess I could always have my own but then I hear about women tearing their buttholes during labor and I’m like, no. I also can’t handle vomit and boogers, so, yeah. #foreverauntie

Anyway, it’s good to be back. Let’s hope I don’t bore anyone to tears.

I’m back!

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